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God is a covenant-making and covenant-keeping God.

Russell Gross has been a leader in and out of church settings all his adult life and has observed what it takes to be a successful man of God, whether in church or business or at home. In Men of Covenant: Learning How to Walk With God, Russell shares his insights into what he calls the three pillars and twelve principles any man must heed if they are to be men of covenant. And he explains exactly what a covenant is and why it is so important to God and godliness.

Whether you are starting your walk with the Lord or are a seasoned veteran, there are concepts in this book that will help you be more in tune with God's will for your life, regardless of the role He has for you in His kingdom.


Order through this website to purchase a physical copy directly from the author who will autograph your copy before mailing!

This book is also available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle eReader format.

Men of Covenant: Learning to Walk With God

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